The Sunglasses ?   I have a condition called "Photo Phobia"

                      My eyes can't deal with "Light" like they used to. 

                Height: 6 ' 1"

                Weight: Enough

             Body Fat: Not Much

                       Age:  74 +




            Webhatten Project 


Personal Best Resistance Events  *

                 With your Host

Chip Champion

PB Sports

Two different ways to "Work Out"

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  We are the "Webhatten project" a group of U.S. Veterans,

    ranging in age from 74 to 90, who have come out of                            retirement  to create Jobs, address certain 

              Social Issues and have some some Fun.



          We are not trying to place blame or find fault, however, 

                             This program has been designed for 

                                          Alpha Individuals 


        1.  You must be 18 Years Old.                   2.  You played "Sports" in "School"

              3.  You are a Member of a Gym or are willing to join one again. 


 Ok, maybe you are Not An "Alpha" however you know a few

     and believe me, you will be doing them a Great Favor

                     by informing them about PB Sports


                                  By the way

  Visit one of our other Projects that will be coming in 2020

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                                                                            Does this Sound Familiar ?

                1.   No matter what Sex, you were a very active child, playing, running, jumping, climbing trees.

                                              2.   In school, be it High School or College, you played Sports.   

                                                You loved the Competition, pitting yourself against others  

                            3.  Once you left School, you tried to duplicate the feeling  with other activities,

                                                                             But it's not the same - is it ?

                                                 4.   You tried to stay in shape, even joined a Gym and then........

                                                                                       There's WORK !

                                                          The Kids,  In laws, Bills, Needless Appointments, etc.




* "The Results Speak for Themselves" c

Chip Champion

 PED Free for  74 +Years


                                   You finally give in to "The Dad Bod" or the "Mom Mess"


                                                 as the years go by, you just lose it.



                                                     Here's why

                            When you played "Sports" you did what ?


                                                  You TRAINED !

     You hit the Gym !                    You Ran !                     You Pumped IRON !



                                                           IN OTHER WORDS

       1.  The GYM was a Just a part of you getting ready to perform during  an Event/Game.

                                            2.  Much of the Time,  Weight Lifting was Mandatory.


                                                         When there is no longer a "Game/Event"   


                                                               You drift away from "Working  Out"



The Last Great Listening Party 

                Coming August 7 -8 2020